Try A New Celery Seed Substitute to Get Best of Your Meal

Celery seeds taste almost like celery and have the same astringent quality and taste as raw celery stalks. They are widely utilized in Asian cuisine and have become popular in the western world too. I make generous use of this ingredient in my recipes. Therefore, I always keep a celery seed substitute around just in case.

Overview of Celery Seeds

Celery seeds have been a part of Asian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. They have a strong flavor that resembles celery. You can use it in different salads, dry marinades, salad dressing, brine, and other dishes that can benefit a lot from its flavor.

Celery seeds come from wild celery, a plant related to supermarket celery, but with a stronger flavor. Thus, it is primarily used for its seeds. The seeds are available in both ground and whole form. It is easier to use ground celery seeds in marinades and smoothies.

Celery Seed Substitute

However, whole seeds have a lot of flavors as they retain essential oils and flavors. Thus, it is best to buy celery seeds in the whole form. You can then grind it right before using it. The flavor of celery seeds is sharper than that of the plant’s root.

However, the seeds get their earthy tone from here. Moreover, the bitter notes of celery seeds enhance upon being ground.

Benefits of Celery Seeds:

  1. They contain flavonoids, phytochemicals, tannins, volatile oils, and omega fatty acids that have antioxidant properties. These compounds serve as free radical scavenging agents. 
  2. They are anti-bacterial and protect the body against germs.
  3. They promote red blood cell formation in our body.
  4. They boost bone health.
  5. They are considered to improve blood sugar levels.
  6. They improve the reproductive element by positively affecting the testis tissue of the body.

Celery Seed Nutrition:

Nutrition  Amount per serving (100 g)
Calories  392
Total fat 25 g
Cholesterol  0 mg
Sodium  160 mg
Total carbohydrates 41 g
Protein  18 g
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 28%
Calcium 177%
Iron 249%

Fun Facts about Celery Seeds:

  1. Celery seeds grow on the celery plant once every two years.
  2. The seed is so resourceful that it serves as both a flavoring agent and nutritional supplement.

Celery Seed Uses:

  1. It is used as a spice in various dishes.
  2. It is used as a supplement in medicines and other materials.
  3. It is used to make tea by steeping in hot water for five to ten minutes.

What can I use instead of celery seeds?

If you can’t find celery seeds at home or in any store around you, try these seven grassy and warm substitutes for a tasty dish!

1. Celery Stalk, Leaves, and Roots:

Different varieties of celery are available across the globe. Some are more prevalent in certain regions while being rare in others. For example, leaf celery is common in Asia, whereas celeriac and pascal celery are common in Europe and North America.

Different locations cultivate celery for different parts; in Asia, it is its leaves; in Europe, it is its bulb and leaves; and in North America, it is grown for its stems. Fresh Celery stalks make an excellent substitute for celery seeds.

Celery was grown as a winter and early spring vegetable. It was used to counter the absence of fresh vegetables in winter. Therefore, it became popular as a cleansing tonic and superfood due to its nutritional content.

Celery Seed Substitute - Celery Stalk, Leaves, and Roots


2. Celery Salt

Celery salt is a blend of finely ground celery seeds and salt. It is a popular ingredient in Caesar’s cocktail and Bloody Mary. It is even rumored to be present in KFC’s special mix. Celery salt has a grassy and savory flavor.

You can use it in numerous kinds of recipes such as salads, soups, stir-fries, chicken, popcorn, coleslaw, sausages, hotdogs, seafood, and even stews. It is better to buy organic, pesticide, and insecticide-free celery salt.

You can also use it to replace salt in potato salad, deviled eggs, and vegetable soups or stews. However, remember to eliminate salt from your recipe in proportion to the celery salt you use.

Celery Seed Substitute - Celery Salt


3. Dried Celery

If you don’t have any celery seeds at home, you can use dried celery instead. Dried celery consists of dehydrated and crushed celery leaves and stalks. It has a very intense flavor, so a little should do.

You can add it in stir-fries or enjoy it as it is. Celery is very healthy, and although its health benefits are affected due to dehydration, you can still have it to benefit from its nutritional content.

I rather like this substitute because of its long shelf life. Oftentimes I have to throw out the celery because I didn’t use it fast enough, and it goes bad. But in the case of dried celery, you can keep it in the pantry for as long as you like without it being spoiled.

I love using this celery seed substitute in coleslaw as it is shredded and goes well with other shredded vegetables.

Celery Seed Substitute - Dried Celery


4. Dill Weed

Have you ever used celery salt to substitute dill weed? If not, you must give it a try. Dill weed is an aromatic herb that is popular in Eurasian cooking. It was first cultivated in Egypt and Greece during the 7th century.

Dill weeds and celery seeds have very different appearances but extremely similar tastes. So you can use ground dill weed to replace ground celery. Dill weeds can substitute celery seeds in pickles, fish recipes, borscht, and soups.

You can use this celery seed substitute in the same amount as you need celery seeds. But if you want to use whole dill seeds, make a note of their physical similarities before using them. This is my favorite celery seed substitute in pickles.

Celery Seed Substitute - Dill Weed


5. Celery Powder

The next thing you could try is to substitute celery seeds for celery powder. Celery powder tastes more or less the same as celery seeds. You can also make this substitute at home by drying celery or celery seeds under the sun or with a dehydrator.

Next, you have to grind the dried product in a grinder or manually. Finally, you must store the powder in a jar and use it as needed. Moreover, this substitute requires no adjustments either. Use as much celery powder as your recipe requires celery seeds.

Celery Seed Substitute - Celery Powder


6. Fennel Seeds

Our next celery seed substitute is fennel seeds. Fennel seeds were a favorite among the two most historically rich civilizations, i.e., Greek and Roman civilizations. In addition, fennel seeds are a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. However, their use is not limited to these regions.

Fennel seeds are an aromatic herb that is available all around the year. But its primary season is summer, so summer fennel is the healthiest, most aromatic, and of the best quality. You can use them in various recipes such as casseroles, curries, soups, stews, and barbecue marinade.

Fennel seeds match a lot to star anise’s flavor profile, as they both have a strong licorice-like flavor. You can use this substitute in the same amount as you need celery seeds for your recipe.

Celery Seed Substitute - Fennel Seeds


7. Parsley

Parsley is an indispensable ingredient for almost every home out there. It is a good-for-everything herb to have around. Thus, it is no surprise that it finds its way on this list.

Parsley is popular worldwide and used in a long list of recipes. It is mainly used to garnish soups, stews, stir-fries, and sauces and give them a herbal taste. You can use parsley with a combination of other herbs to suitably replace celery seeds. 

Although, I think this substitute gives the food a rather bitter tang and oily quality. It does sufficiently well as a celery seed substitute in soup.

Celery Seed Substitute - Parsley


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flavor of celery seed?
Celery seeds have a warm and bitter flavor that is slightly earthy and grassy. They are a bit rare in certain parts of the world. However, they are extremely nutritious and tasty.
How do I use celery seed instead of celery?
Did you know you can substitute celery seed for celery? If you are ever running short on celery or don’t want to buy it in a pinch or two of celery seeds can adequately mimic celery’s taste.
Can you use celery flakes instead of celery seed?
You can use celery seed to substitute flakes and vice versa. Both ingredients are derived from celery and have a similar taste, if not exactly the same. In addition, you can use either substitute in the same amount as the other is needed.

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