Ground Lamb Substitutes – 5 Meaty Ideas to Whet Your Appetite

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Let me tell you why I started to look for ground lamb substitutes?

Growing up in Canada, I never tried lamb meat. Last week, I went to a supermarket, bought lamb meat for lunch, and cooked minty lamb kebabs. I had no idea that lamb meat has such a delicate flavor with a mouth-watering texture and has many nutrients that are so good for us.

However, I’m a health-conscious person; my point of view about lamb meat is that lamb meat has fats and cholesterol that are not good for our heart and body. So, as soon as I was done with my lunch, I started researching the best ground lamb alternative low in fats and cholesterol.

So, here I am with the 5 low-fat meat options perfect for ground lamb recipes. Not only this, there is a bonus section too that will be useful for my vegan friends.

Ground Lamb Meat – Be Cautious!

Lamb is the most underrated and best ingredient that brings an offbeat taste to your everyday meal. Ground lamb is the best option for engaging nutritious meat, which falls in the division of red meat. Compared to other meats, the ground lamb has plenty of nutrients that are just so good for our health. But the only drawback of eating ground lamb is that it has high fats and cholesterol count, which can cause many chronic diseases. However, if consumed in moderation, it will not cause any severe harm.

An image shows a log of lamb meat

Ground lamb comes from the shank and neck of a young sheep and adornment from the breast, shoulder, loin, or rib. 

The shoulder part is the most-demanded cut for ground lamb because it is comparatively sinewy and a good source of fiber, proteins, iron, and vitamin.


Taste and Texture of Ground Lamb

Ground lamb has a grass-finished (gamey) flavor and smooth, mouth-watering texture. It might not have a strong flavor; therefore, you can add extra seasoning and spices like cumin, chili flakes, and fennel for serving.

If cooked at a low flame for hours, it has a juicy flavor with adequate moisture.

Nutrition Facts of Ground Lamb

Lamb is composed of proteins containing differing fats and cholesterol. A (100 gram) serving of ground lamb provides the following nutrients:

Calories      258
Carbohydrates (g)       0 
Proteins (g)     25.6 
Fats (g)     16.5

Health Benefits of Eating Ground Lamb

  • Lamb meat is the best source of minerals and vitamins. It has Vitamin B12 that is good for brain and blood formation.
  • It has phosphorous, suitable for the body’s maintenance and growth.
  • Lamb meat is full of potassium, zinc, and magnesium.
  • It is a powerhouse of iron that helps to boost your immunity system.
  • A healthy source of proteins that gives you strength and covers your thiamin and selenium requirements.


Famous Ground Lamb Meat Recipes

– Indian lamb curry

– Minty lamb burgers 

– Turkish spiced lamb mince

– Stuffed Onion with spicy lamb


Difference Between Ground Lamb Meat and Other Cuts

Before moving towards other ground lamb substitutes, look at these differences.

Ground Lamb VS Ground Goat

The main difference between ground lamb and ground goat is nutritional value. Ground lamb is richer in vitamins, while ground goats are richer in minerals. 

Lamb meat has more fat that is not too good for your health. Compared to other red meats, goat meat has lower fat and can lead a healthier lifestyle.


Ground Lamb VS Ground Chicken

Lamb meat is higher in calories and fats than chicken, not helpful when trying to lose weight. 

But lamb meat is approximately the best source of zinc, iron, and vitamin than chicken which covers 10 percent or more of your body’s requirement.


Ground Lamb VS Ground Beef

The main difference is that ground lamb is fattier than ground beef. Beef has more flavor and is leaner than lamb meat. But ground lamb meat has less fat content than ground beef.


Ground Lamb VS Ground Turkey

The main difference is that ground lamb meat has more calories than ground turkey. Turkey has 189 calories per gram, and lamb meat has 258 calories. Ground lamb meat is much lighter in proteins and fats than ground turkey. 


Ground Lamb VS Ground Pork

The main difference between ground lamb and ground pork is that pork has more calories than lamb. By weight, pork has 297 calories per 100 grams, and lamb has 258 calories. However, ground pork is preferred as a substitute for lamb meat.


5 Non-Vegan Ground Lamb Substitutes for Your Dinner/Lunch Recipes

Substitute#1: Ground Goat Meat – That Perfect Substitute!

An image shows the minced goat meat.

Goat meat, commonly known as “mutton,” is the most eaten meat in the whole world. It is the (red meat) of the domestic goat. Meat from adult goats is indicated as chevon, while young goats can be called cabrito, or kids. 

Ground goat meat is a healthier ground lamb substitute than other meats like pork, beef, and lamb. It is naturally lean, full of nutrition, and has less fat, more iron, and a similar amount of proteins than beef, lamb, chicken, or pork.

Not only that, we recommend ground goat meat for most ground lamb dishes because both have similar flavors. 

Taste and Texture of Goat Meat

Goat meat has a bold, sweet, and slightly gamey flavor that many people love. It is flavourful and less sweet than other red meats. 

Nutrition Facts of Goat Meat

A (100 gram) serving of goat meat provides the following nutrients

Calories      143
Carbohydrates (g)       0 
Proteins (g)       27
Fats (g)       3 

Health Benefits of Eating Goat Meat

  • It is low in cholesterol that is very good for your heart.
  • Protein is rich in goat meat that helps maintain muscular health.
  • Goat meat has potassium that is good for maintaining blood pressure.
  • Goat meat is also very good for our skin and hair. 

Famous Ground Goat Meat Recipes

  • Galati kebab
  • Merguez Ground Goat Meatballs
  • Ground Goat Meat Burger
  • Goat Tacos
  • Goat Ragu


Substitute#2: Ground Beef – Hmmm Yummy Meatballs

An image shows a piece of cow meat (beef).

Beef is the meat from a cow, a comestible name for meat from cattle. Usually, and in common parlance, beef (red meat) means bovine meat like bull, cow, buffalo, or ox.

If you are looking for a tastier meat replacement in ground lamb meatballs, nothing will come closer than ground beef. After tasting ground beef’s spaghetti meatballs, you will forget about ground lamb. 

Also, remember that ground beef tacos taste much better than ground lamb tacos

Taste and Texture of Beef

Beef has a juicy, unique, and mild flavor with a slight natural texture.

Nutrition Facts of Beef

A (100 grams) serving of beef provides the following nutrients:

Calories      217
Carbohydrates (g)       0 
Proteins (g)     27.1
Fats (g)     11.8

Health Benefits of Eating Ground Beef

  • Beef is high in proteins and helps you improve muscle mass.
  • Eating beef helps prevent iron deficiency anemia. 
  • Beef contains high-quality minerals and vitamins that help the body’s growth and maintenance.

Famous Ground Beef Recipes

– Porcupine Meatballs

 Easy Beef Stroganoff

– Swedish Meatballs

– Spanish Rice


Substitute#3: Ground Chicken Meat – Who Thought?

An image shows a cooked whole chicken.

Chicken is the most known kind of poultry in the world. Chicken meat is the hen’s meat, and it is simply affordable compared to other meats.

A chicken can be roasted as a whole bird or be branched into four different cuts: breast, leg, wing, and thigh. 

But as a ground lamb meat substitute, ask your butcher for ground chicken meat and enjoy delicious food without worrying about fats.


Taste and Texture of Chicken

Chicken has a metallic, bloody, and salty taste with a glossy and soft texture.


Nutrition Facts of Chicken

A (100 grams) serving of chicken provides these nutrients:

Calories      165
Carbohydrates (g)       0 
Proteins (g)       31
Fats (g)       3.6

Health Benefits of Eating Chicken

  • Chicken has a very high vitamin and mineral content, which plays a vital role in sustaining our muscles.
  • The protein is rich in chicken that helps you maintain your bone mineral density (BMD).
  • Chicken helps in losing weight.
  • It is a solid immunity booster.
  • It has low-fat content that is good for controlling your cholesterol level.

Famous Ground Chicken Recipes

– San Choy Bow – Chinese Lettuce Wraps

 Cheesy Chicken Patties with Broccoli

– Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

 Chicken Meatballs and Spaghetti (Our personal Favorite) 

– Chicken Gilafi Kebab


Substitute#4: Ground Pork – Try it Must!

An image shows a plate of raw ground pork.

Pork, commonly classified as red meat, is the culinary name for the domestic pig. It is high in protein and rich in many minerals and vitamins.

Ground pork can be a perfect substitute in many ground lamb recipes because it has a similar, fantastic flavor. Especially if you are cooking Greek Kabobs or Mediterranean lamb bowls, use ground pork as ground lamb substitutes and thank me later. 


Taste and Texture of Pork

Pork is meaty, slightly sweet but savory, and has a lamb flavor with a firm texture.


Nutrition Facts of a Pork

A (100 grams) serving of pork provides the following nutrients:

Calories        297
Carbohydrates (g)       0 
Proteins (g)     25.7
Fats (g)     20.8

Health Benefits of Eating Pork

  • Eating pork meat helps maintain physical and muscular performance.
  • Pork is a good source of vitamins and minerals like thiamin, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium that covers one-fourth part of our body’s requirements.

Famous Ground Pork Recipes

  • Lettuce Wraps
  • Pork Stir-Fry
  • Pork Bolognese
  • Pork Ragu
  • Pork Fried Rice


Substitute#5: Ground Veal – Baby Calf for Baby Lamb

An image shows pieces of lean meat.

Veal is the meat of calves. Ground veal is lean veal meat and marketed in patty or bulk form as ground veal. 


Ground veal is frequently combined with ground beef and pork to make moist, delicious meatloaf and meatballs. Therefore, you can replace ground lamb with ground veal for any meatballs or meatloaf recipes and enjoy your meal. 


Taste and Texture

Veal has a strong, bold, delicate flavor with a yummy velvety texture.

Nutrition Facts of Veal

A (100 grams) serving of a veal provides the following nutrients:

Calories      231
Carbohydrates (g)       0 
Proteins (g)       24
Fats (g)       11

Health Benefits of Eating Veal

  • Veal meat is lean or extra lean and has less fat than lamb meat.
  • It is the best source of iron, and the human body needs iron in red blood cells (RBC) to transport oxygen.
  • It increases energy levels and boosts the immune system.

Famous Veal Recipes

  • Classic Spaghetti & Vealballs
  • Ground Veal Meatballs
  • Low Carb & Keto Meatballs
  • Ground Veal Ragu


Bonus Information

The Ground Lamb Substitutes 2.0 – The Vegan Options

All non-vegetarians out there; I can’t leave you guys hanging. Therefore, I even have 3 utterly non-meaty ground lamb substitutes for you. 

Note: Not to spoil the taste of a meaty recipe by substituting it with a vegan ingredient, you must use the seasoning generously in your recipe. 

Let’s check the vegan substitutes now!

Vegan Substitute#1: Tempeh

Raw tempeh, traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans

Tempeh is a vegetarian meat substitute that can be used to replace lamb. It’s a brown-colored fermented plant snack that’s strong in protein. 

Tempeh is made from soybeans and provides all of the essential amino acids and fiber, which aids in cholesterol reduction and prevents obesity-related disorders such as heart disease.

Cook the tempeh before using it, then substitute it for lamb in all recipes that call for it. If you want to add more flavor without adding fat, you can add more vegetables like carrots or green onions.


Vegan Substitute#2: Chopped Tofu

The image shows Tofu and a spoonful of soybeans.

Tofu, a low-calorie food with high protein content, can simply be a healthier substitute for lamb. 

Tofu is created from soaking soya beans that have been mashed till the texture is puree-like. 

Tofu can be prepared into patties, crumbled, or sliced to meet your recipe’s requirements. You can choose from various kinds and adjust tofu in your recipes. 


Vegan Substitute#3: Beans

A bowl full of red beans placed on a piece of sackcloth.

Beans have been demonstrated to be a superb ground lamb substitute in stews, lasagne, tacos, and other dishes.

They’re packed with protein and nutrients that you can’t get from meat alone. This is because the beans have a distinct texture from ground lamb, which many people prefer.

So, if you want to make healthier choices, consider replacing ground lamb with beans in your future recipes!

Related Questions – Ground Lamb Substitutes

Is ground lamb similar to ground beef?
Not really, because ground lamb has no strong flavor compared to ground beef. Ground beef is more flavorful and juicier than ground lamb, giving the yummiest meaty texture.
Can I use lamb instead of beef?
Yes, you can. If you compare cooking time, seasonings, spices, and other factors, you can easily choose lamb instead of beef.
What tastes similar to lamb?
The closest taste is young goat meat because it has a similar, soft flavor to lamb meat.
What is the unhealthiest food in the world?
Super-sweet cereals, sugary coffee drinks, canned soups, frozen french fries, margarine bars, high-calorie soda, ice cream, and processed meats are the unhealthiest food in the world.
Why is lamb so expensive?
Lamb meat is expensive because lamb lives a good quality of life before slaughter, produces less meat per animal, and is commonly sold to butchers whole.
What is the worst meat to eat?
Processed meat is the worst meat to eat because it will raise your risk of colon cancer—for example, hot dogs, sausages, ham, canned meat, and beef jerky.
What cuts of lamb are there?
There are five main primal cuts of lamb.
– lamb leg sirloin off
– lamb loin chop
– lamb rib roast
– lamb shoulder square cut whole.
What is healthier lamb or chicken?
Lamb is higher in calories and fats than chicken, so lamb meat is healthier.
What do lamb burgers taste like?
Lamb burgers have an earthier and gamey taste, but it plays well with seasonings and spices like cumin, chili flakes, and black pepper.

Bottom Line

Ground lamb has lots of nutritional value and is very flavorful, but it is full of fats and expensive. Therefore, we have listed some best ground lamb substitutes that have fewer fats, low carbs, and can easily be bought at low prices from the market. 

These substitutes are assuredly easier to find, cook, and buy.

We hope our collection of ground lamb substitutes will prove helpful for you. We will be overjoyed to know your reviews in the comment section.


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