7 Handy Alternatives For Waxed Paper

Waxed paper is a multi-purpose kitchen necessity. Oftentimes we have to roll it out before kneading bread to prevent a mess. I also use waxed paper to store leftover food and line the pan for non-bake foods or other surfaces.

Owing to its versatility, make sure your waxed paper supply is never depleted. However, things don’t always go right; I’ve had several occasions where I ran out of waxed paper mid-work. Despite everything, I was lucky enough to always have a couple of substitutes at hand. This blog will deal with waxed paper alternatives. But before we get into that, let’s discuss what waxed paper is and why it is always our first priority.

What is waxed paper?

Waxed paper, as its name suggests, is parchment or paper-lined with wax. Almost always, it’s paraffin wax. However, recently soy wax is being used too. Waxed paper comes in a rolled form or as pre-cut sheets. Waxed paper sheets look a lot like parchment paper, so be careful not to interchange the two. You can buy either one based on your ease and accessibility.


What is waxed paper used for?

The waxed paper finds its purposes in the kitchen and outside alike—this section details the most prominent waxed paper uses. In the kitchen, it is used to line countertops before kneading pie crusts or other doughs. Waxed paper is not ideal for high heat baking or cooking procedures as the wax comes off due to heat. But you can use it to line pans for non-bake or cold items.

On the same note, you can use parchment paper as a waxed paper substitute for ironing. Waxed paper may not be heat resistant, but it is certainly non-stick and water-proof. Therefore, it is used to make stickers and wax strips. But once again, parchment paper is the better option since it has no waxy residue. Therefore it is widely used as a waxed paper substitute for stickers.

For removing hair, we apply some hot wax to the skin and press waxed paper over it until the two have stuck together. I’ll skip over the painful details of the final step. But if you can’t find any waxed paper, cloth strips are a good waxed paper substitute for hair removal as these strips are strong, durable, and reusable.


Here Are 7 Handy Alternatives For Waxed Paper

If, for whatever reason, you can’t find waxed paper, instead of going through the headache of running an errand, use these incredible substitutes instead.

1. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is coated with silicone. It is extremely resistant to heat. Therefore, it is used to line pans and mold since it is highly malleable. At the same time, oiled aluminum foil works as a great alternative for waxed paper for baking. However, keep in mind that its frosted side can rapidly oxidize. This tends to change the taste of the food in contact.

Many bakers, myself included, use aluminum foil to cover the upper layer of the cake while baking, preventing it from hardening too much. But, you should always uncover your cake 10 minutes before taking it out so that the top layer browns evenly. 

You can use aluminum foil simply to store food too. Just put all the food inside, wrap it up properly, and you are good to go. The aluminum foil prevents any juice from escaping, doesn’t poison food, and keeps it warm too.

Moreover, if climate change is at the forefront of your thought, you can do your part by opting for aluminum foil since it is reusable and recyclable. However, don’t forget to wash it first.


2. Parchment Paper

This waxed paper substitute is coated with silicone instead of wax. It is also made by putting the parchment through sulfuric corrosive till it gelatinizes. You can use it to substitute waxed paper for a number of purposes. Its silicone lining gives it various employment, but mostly it makes parchment paper resistant to heat and non-stick.

You can line containers with parchment paper, and food won’t stick. This stunt, however, you cannot pull off with waxed paper since the wax melts and sticks. So we know the better choice here.

Parchment paper can substitute waxed paper in the kitchen, but not vice versa. For instance, parchment paper is an excellent waxed paper substitute for steaming, better than waxed paper.

Moreover, you can reuse parchment paper for treat-heating over and over again. To sum up, parchment paper is for hot applications and waxed paper for cold ones.


3. Freezer Paper

Both these papers are fundamentally the same and coated. The difference, however, lies in the nature of the coating. Freezer paper is coated on one side with plastic and wax on the other, while the waxed paper is glazed on either side with wax. This contrast lends freezer paper more strength and sturdiness than waxed paper. Therefore, it is relatively long-lasting.

Freezer paper, otherwise known as butcher paper, is used at meat shops for wrapping seafood or beef. It also fares better in the freezer than waxed paper, especially if you have to store the food for a long time, hence the name.

The life of waxed paper is approximately three months in the freezer. But freezer paper can last up to twelve months. So we can conclude that it is more impervious to dampness and a better choice for long haul freezing.

When using freezer paper to wrap meat, make sure the waxy side touches the surface of the meat. This will prevent any moisture loss. Moreover, you may use freezer paper to wrap cheese as it will prevent drying and retain freshness.


4. Silpat Paper

Silpat paper – a fancy name for the baking mat is another waxed paper substitute. Although it will put a hole in your pocket, it is extremely durable. You can use it more than a thousand times.

The baking mat is made entirely of silicone, making it so much more heat resistant than waxed paper. I love using it for making candies since it is very flexible.

Silpat paper is easy to clean. A simple rinse with soap and warm water will thoroughly clean it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about food sticking either. You can use Silpat paper to line pans.

Although, it is better to go for cheaper options like aluminum foil and waxed paper since you can’t cut it and you’ll have to buy several mats.


5. Paper Bags

Paper bags are one excellent substitute for waxed paper when storing food. They are environment friendly and recyclable, which lends them an extra plus point.

However, never use it for baking or cooking since it is simply paper and will burn rapidly. Moreover, the ink imprints on the paper bag will interfere with your food too. So take special care to avoid this disaster.


6. Oil, Butter, and Flour

If you don’t have any of the papers mentioned above, you can always use home ingredients like flour, oil, or butter. Moreover, a regular baker will always have these things in stock.

All you have to do is coat your baking equipment with a thin layer of oil to make it non-stick. You can use a paper towel, tissue, cotton, pastry brush, and even your fingers for this. Many people opt for cooking oil spray, so don’t hesitate to use it if you have one.

Such substitutes are a life and energy saver when you are short on time or too lazy to go to a bakery store. Unsalted butter is perfect for baking cake as it will give your cake a delicious golden brown outlook. Meanwhile, sprinkling flour or oil is great for kneading dough.


7. Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a good waxed paper substitute, but only for storing food. You can’t use it to line baking trays since it isn’t resistant to heat, and the plastic will melt all over your food. It is transparent and flimsier than even waxed paper. Therefore, it is good for short-term usage only.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I substitute baking paper?
You can use anything from silicone to aluminum foil as a substitute for baking paper. This includes a greased pan and cooking spray. Silicone and foil also work as ideal waxed paper substitutes for baking.
Is wax paper edible?
Waxed paper is not designed for consumption. But even if you or a child has eaten waxed paper, there won’t be any serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if the quantity consumed is less or more. It is not toxic.
Can you bake with coffee filters?
No. coffee filters can withstand hot water, but they will burn under the influence of high oven heat. Therefore, avoid using them in the oven, or you could accidentally cause a fire.




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