6 Easy-To-Find Substitutes For Pepper Jack Cheese

Those who love some spice in their food surely keep a stock of pepper jack cheese for any time they may run out of it. This version of cheese is something that gives a new and distinctive taste to whichever food item they add it to. It tends to overwhelm the taste buds with the savory, spicy flavor, making you want to have it more. Its usage is most common in pizzas, omelets, and nachos. Nonetheless, spice lovers can add it to whatever recipe they are following. But, what if it is not available? Can you have some substitute for pepper jack cheese in a recipe? Well, you sure can!

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute

Pepper jack cheese; what it really is?

Pepper jack cheese is a semi-hard cheese, which is white in color and offers a taste different from the usual cheese. Adding it to anything bland would give it some spicy flavour, which makes it feasible for all kinds of recipes. A blend of various chillies, herbs and spices, together, give it a noticeable flavour, setting it apart from the usual cheese. 

A lot of people wonder whether pepper jack and Monterey jack are the same? Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese, which is made of cow’s milk. It comes with a sweet taste and milky flavour. On the other hand, pepper jack is the spicier version, having loads of herbs giving it a distinct flavour. This settles the pepper jack vs Monterey jack debate once and for all!


6 Life-Saving Substitutes for Pepper Jack Cheese

There are numerous options available if you are looking for an alternative for pepper jack cheese.

1. Havarti

The major similarity between Havarti and pepper jack cheese is that they both are made of cow’s milk. Being as pure as the pepper jack cheese, it can be a feasible alternative to pepper jack. This semi-solid cheese comes with a mild flavour. In terms of its consistency, it is a little creamier compared to the pepper jack cheese. 

While making grilled food items, Havarti can act as the perfect substitute for pepper jack cheese. Apart from this, you can slice it well and serve it on a platter. Its ability to melt easily will make it efficient for you to use in quick recipes. Once melted, it gives away a buttery flavour, adding to the richness of the dish. 

Just like pepper jack cheese slices, Havarti can also be sliced and used in salads and pastas.

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute - Havarti


2. Edam

Having its origin from Holland, Edam has a pepper jack cheese taste. Its red wax coat gives it a separate identity of itself and you can spot it from afar easily. Edam is quite a popular product as one can easily substitute it with any kind of cheese and add flavour to the dish being made!

The texture of Edam is what sets it apart from others. It is easy to cut into fine and delicate pieces, thanks to the firmness in its texture. This makes it possible for you to not only add it to a dish but also consume it separately on a platter!

In case you are making pepper jack cheese balls and have run out of cheese, you can effortlessly use Edam in its place. The recipe would turn out to be extremely delicious and finger-licking good!

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute - Edam


3. Colby

If you are a cheese enthusiast, you would surely be aware of Colby. Colby is known for the sharpness of its taste. Originated from America originally, it is a semi-hard version of cheese that gives a very rich taste to dishes it is put in.

Colby, being one of the best pepper jack cheese substitutes, is basically made with Pasteurized cow milk. Taste-wise, it is a bit milder compared to the pepper jack cheese. However, you can always add some chili flakes to it to enhance its taste and the spiciness of its flavour. 

The bright yellow colour of Colby cheese makes the final product appear quite eye-catching. Its melting properties are quite similar to pepper jack cheese, hence it turns out to be the perfect substitute to it!

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute - Colby


4. Mozzarella

Surely the most popular alternative for pepper jack cheese is Mozzarella. Its texture, taste and flavour are similar to that of pepper jack cheese, which makes it a great product to use if you can’t find the jack cheese anywhere!

If Mozzarella is your favourite kind of cheese but the original recipe calls for pepper jack cheese, you must be wondering whether you can switch it with Mozzarella! If this is so, the answer is simple, loud & clear YES. You can make this change and adjust the flavour simply by adding some additional herbs and spices. 

Mozzarella is quite easily available and is used in a variety of dishes. It is quite easy for it to blend with other ingredients, which makes it a universal choice when nothing else is available. The creamy flavour that it gives to the recipe further makes it irresistible.
Compared to the pepper jack cheese origin that is American, Mozzarella has an Italian origin. This makes it a healthier version of the former, with the fat content being much milder. It is, at the same time, quite creamy, which adds to the flavour of the pasta or grilled sandwiches.

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute - Mozzarella


5. Comte

There is a great possibility that you have never heard the name of Comte. If this is so, you are surely missing out on a great alternative to pepper jack mac and cheese. Its origin is Swiss and unpasteurized cow milk is used to make it.

Having a pale yellow color, this cheese comes with quite a silky texture. Hence, whenever you are making a dish that requires thickness that doesn’t get too harsh with time and can’t find pepper jack cheese, you can easily switch to Comte.

Being unpasteurized, Comte comes with a distinct taste that is a little sweet. Nonetheless, you can always add some extra spice to manage its flavour in the dish you are preparing!

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute - Comte


6. Cheddar cheese

If you love cheese, you must be familiar with Cheddar, as it can be used in a variety of dishes easily! Being quite famous all across the globe, the first thing chefs substitute an unavailable version of cheese is surely Cheddar.

Cheddar is made with cow’s milk, which adds to its thickness and fitness. You can literally use it to create an entire pepper jack menu and no one would notice! One major reason you really might want to do so is the economical price with which it comes. It is way cheaper than the pepper jack cheese but offers somewhat similar properties. You can even use it in your pepper jack cheese sauce.

Cheddar cheese comes in two colours; white and yellow. However, despite the colour difference, they both have similar taste. They melt at the same temperature and offer identical texture. Considering the colour of your dish, you can choose either of them and it won’t make any difference. For all your baking recipes, you can easily use Cheddar cheese in the place of pepper jack cheese.

Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute - Cheddar cheese


Frequently Asked Questions

What spices are in pepper jack cheese?
The pepper jack cheese ingredients in terms of its spices are rosemary, garlic, habanero and jalapenos. Apart from these, sweet peppers give it a very unusual flavour, which makes one want to add it in almost all the pasta recipes.
What is pepper jack cheese used for?
Pepper jack cheese is used in recipes that are quick in completion. This is because pepper jack cheese melts very easily. Hence, it can be used generously in sandwiches and quesadillas, as they don’t require much time in their completion. A lot of people use it in a grated form on their dishes.
Can I substitute mozzarella cheese for Monterey Jack?
Yes, mozzarella cheese is a great substitute for Monterey Jack. It is also quite easily and widely available, hence a lot of people use it in place of Monterey Jack, when the latter is not available.
Is Pepper Jack a hard cheese?
No, pepper jack is not a hard cheese. Rather, it is quite buttery and extremely easy to melt.



Even though pepper jack cheese is a great addition to your otherwise boring food, its unavailability may annoy you a lot! However, there are a number of options available as a substitute for pepper jack cheese in a recipe. Some of them are quite economical and offer an easy replacement to pepper jack. Hence, rather than freaking out when you can’t find it, adjust your recipe with a substitute and you will be good to go!

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