5+ Great Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes

I usually toss leftover pasta with chicken stock concentrate to give them a new taste. However, one day I ran out of it and used a chicken stock concentrate substitute. There are many alternatives to choose from.

The chicken stock concentrate is an extremely beneficial ingredient since it doesn’t go bad for a considerable time. Moreover, you can also use it to flavor numerous dishes such as soups, stews, and gravy.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute

You can buy chicken stock concentrate from any local store. Or you could make and store it at home. The store-bought chicken stock concentrate usually has a gelatinous form.

How do you make chicken stock concentrate?

The following instructions describe how to make chicken stock concentrate. Making chicken stock concentrate is pretty easy. So following the recipe shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Add chicken bones and onions to a pot.
  2. Add enough water to submerge all the material inside.
  3. Simmer on low heat, and partially cover with the lid.
  4. Let the liquid cook until only a little amount remains. Two cups take around 6 to 8 hours to cook.
  5. Pass the liquid through a colander once your chicken stock concentrate is ready to catch the bones.
  6. Strain the stock again, but this time through a fine sieve to catch any small bits of bones or chicken.
  7. Finally, store the chicken stock concentrate in your fridge or freezer. Making small chicken stock concentrate packets is better if you have to freeze them. Otherwise, jars are preferable.

Note: this is not a precise chicken stock concentrate recipe and only details the cooking procedure.

Chicken Stock vs. Chicken Broth:

Chicken Broth Chicken Stock
It is made from chicken. It is made from bones.
It does not contain gelatin. It contains gelatin.
It has a shorter cooking time. It has a longer cooking time.

Chicken Stock Concentrate vs. Chicken Stock:

The chicken stock concentrate is simply reduced chicken stock. You can use chicken stock to make a chicken stock concentrate and vice versa. The chicken stock concentrate is great for enhancing the flavors of any dish. But if you don’t have it, you can use chicken stock.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Benefits:

  1. It is less pricey than both canned or boxed chicken stock.
  2. It is more versatile in taste. Moreover, you can also experiment with its flavors by adding a few herbs and spices.
  3. The chicken stock concentrate is more flavorful than simple chicken stock.

Health Benefits:

The chicken stock concentrate is also very good for health. Some of its health benefits are:

  1. It is extremely nutritious. Since it is made from bones and their marrow, chicken stock is rich in iron, selenium, manganese, vitamin A and K, and so much more.
  2. The chicken stock concentrate is very gelatinous. Gelatin breaks down into collagen in our body. Collagen is essential for our joint health and for alleviating osteoarthritis. 
  3. It contains glutamine, an amino acid, extremely beneficial for our gut health.
  4. It contains certain proteins that make the person feel fuller. Therefore, it is good for people looking to lose some weight. Moreover, chicken stock and concentrate are also known to aid in sleeping.


What can I use instead of chicken stock concentrate?

If you can not find any chicken stock concentrate at home, try these six amazing substitutes for a delicious and flavorful recipe.

1. Chicken Stock

The chicken stock concentrate is concentrated chicken stock. You can easily turn concentrated chicken stock into chicken stock by adding water to most recipes. Therefore, you can always use chicken stock instead of chicken stock concentrate.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute - Chicken Stock

You can either buy it fresh from your local grocery store or make it yourself at home. It is great for roasting chicken, as you can use the remaining carcass and some vegetables.

All you have to do is boil the bones and veggies for a few hours. Next, you have to strain it. Finally, you will have a homemade chicken broth that you can keep refrigerated or freeze for up to six months.

You can replace chicken stock concentrate with chicken stock. However, make sure not to add any extra water to your stew, soup, or sauce, as it might make the consistency too watery.


2. Vegetable Stock

If you can’t find chicken stock concentrate or don’t want to use any meat-based concentrate or stock, you can always alternate it for vegetable stock or concentrate.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute -Vegetable Stock

It will still provide a lot of taste to your dish. However, it might not lend that meaty flavor. You can also replace chicken stock or chicken stock concentrate with beef stock or veal stock, depending on the recipe you’re cooking and the flavors you want.

Using other stocks will make sure that your meal still has a rich flavor. It will also help in making your dish plant-based or vegetarian. Vegetable stocks, including other stocks, are easily obtainable from any supermarket. Moreover, they are awesome substitutes for chicken stock concentrate.


3. Bone Broth

Bone broth has rapidly gained popularity in the culinary world. It is a salty and nutrient-rich liquid made by boiling bones and connective tissue of animals. Bone broth is very beneficial for our health. You can use it to make soups, stews, and sauces. You can also enjoy it plain.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes - Bone Broth

Because of the qualities mentioned above, I think it is a suitable substitute for chicken stock concentrate if you can’t find any at home. However, the two are very different in ingredients. So be prepared for a little change in taste.

Moreover, this substitute will add some saltiness to your dish. Thus, I recommend using it in a pinch. But, remember not to add any extra water in your recipe as bone broth is already quite watery as it is.


4. Salt and Spices

The chicken stock concentrate is used to flavor and add umami to your dish. So, the simplest way to replace chicken stock concentrate is by adding salt and spices to flavor your dish instead.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes - Salt and Spices

I like to use spices and herbs like rosemary, parsley, peppercorns, thyme, and garlic. However, there is no set recipe, and you can use spices of your choice to curate a flavor profile.

Remember to add a small amount of water for dilution purposes since no one wants an overwhelming taste. Begin by adding roughly half a teaspoon of salt initially. You can work your way up from here. Taste your dish as you add so it doesn’t become too salty.


5. Gravy Granules

Gravy granules make an excellent substitute for chicken stock concentrate, as they are also concentrated, and you’ll have to add water to them.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute - Gravy Granules

They are savory and very salty. These granules will do a fantastic job of thickening your dish. Remember that granules have a thickening agent. Thus, you may have to add a little fewer granules or extra water to maintain the same viscosity.

Another benefit of using gravy granules is that you can find many savors like chicken and vegetables that closely match the flavor profile of chicken stock concentrate.

You can use the same amount of gravy granules as chicken stock concentrate. Then, add water according to the package.


6. Stock Cubes

Stock cubes are practically another form of concentrated stock. They are a great ingredient to have in the pantry since they have a long shelf life.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes - Stock Cubes

If you don’t like chicken stock, you can buy vegetable or beef stock cubes. They are pretty easy to use since you have to create their mixture with water or add crumbles directly to the dish for extra flavor.

However, keep in mind that stock cubes are very salty. So please adjust the salt quantity in the rest of your dish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is chicken stock concentrate the same as bouillon?
Bouillon is the dehydrated form of chicken stock. Many people use it instead of chicken stock. But, chicken bouillon powder is packed with MSG and salt. Thus, making it unhealthy which is why many people avoid using it in dishes.
Is chicken stock concentrate the same as broth?
No. chicken stock concentrate is a less watery form of chicken stock. However, the broth is completely unlike chicken stock. Where stock is made from bones, chicken broth is made by cooking flesh.
Are vegetable broth and vegetable stock the same?
No. since stock contains gelatin and vegetables are devoid of it, you can’t make vegetable stock without bones. Therefore, vegetable stock and broth have one major difference; vegetable stock contains animal bones, while the vegetable broth is just vegetables.

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