18 Best Substitutes for Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is a cheese popular all over the world. Whether you are making a pizza or cooking delicious enchiladas, a drizzle of shredded mozzarella cheese makes it super cheesy and creamy.

Mozzarella cheese is not only a delight for the taste but also enhances the nutritional profile of a recipe. It’s an easy way to increase the fat and protein content of the recipe.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute

I personally enjoy mozzarella cheese, as a high caloric ingredient in most of my recipes. I make sure to add a bit of mozzarella cheese to every other meal I cook for my family. Since it remains so much in use, there comes a time when I find no mozzarella cheese left in my refrigerator. In such a scenario, I try other substitutes for mozzarella cheese which work perfectly.

So, here I am about to share the best substitutes for mozzarella cheese. The major alternative for mozzarella cheese includes cheddar, provolone, edam, gouda, pepper jack or Monterey jack, feta, Parmigiano reggiano, etc. 

Things to Know about Mozzarella Cheese:

Mozzarella is a typical Italian cheese that originated from the Southern lands of the country. It is processed out of the milk of the Italian buffalo. So, it appears white in color, and the fresh mozzarella has a semi-soft texture. You can find mozzarella in fresh balls, small and large or in cubes, shredded or grated varieties as well. Other interesting facts about mozzarella cheese include:

  • Due to the high water content of mozzarella cheese, it is served the day after it is made.
  • It can be kept in its brine for up to a week or more. 
  • Low-moisture mozzarella cheese can be refrigerated for up to a month.
  • Some low-moisture shredded mozzarella is sold with a long shelf life of up to six months.

Uses of Mozzarella Cheese

The thing I like the most about the mozzarella cheese is the texture it gives after melting, so soft, creamy and stringy. Mozzarella has a creamy sweetness that goes well with pizza, salads, fillings and toppings. But what else is there? Here are eight other ways to use mozzarella cheese in cooking.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute

1. Delicious Croquettes

Mix mozzarella with mashed potatoes and make some croquette balls out of it. Coat the balls with bread crumbs and fry them until crispy. You will have the most comforting snack for your table. Kids love cheesy croquettes.

2. Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy cheese sticks are another way to enjoy the ultimate flavors of Mozzarella cheese. Get some frozen mozzarella sticks and coat them with egg, flour, and breadcrumbs layer, then deep fry them.

3. Cook Risotto

Risotto with melted cheese in it tastes amazing. Adding shredded mozzarella to the risotto also gives It a creamy texture.

4. Stuffed Ravioli

Making stuffed ravioli is a new way to utilize mozzarella. You can add this stuffed ravioli to soups and stir-fries as well.

5. Enchiladas

Whether you are making – the stuffing for enchiladas or topping them with some sauce cheese, mozzarella is the perfect option to make your enchiladas super nutritious.

6. Sauce De Crème

Mozzarella is also a sauce cheese because it is semi-soft, and it melts wonderfully to give any sauce its thick characteristic texture. 

What Is The Difference Between Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese?

The two most used kinds of cheese, Mozzarella and Cheddar, are often confused as one. But they are two different forms of cheese; they have several major differences. The difference in their taste, texture and nutritional values make them suitable for different types of meals. Mozzarella is thought to have originated in Italy, but cheddar cheese is thought to have started in a little village in Somerset, England.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute

Even though mozzarella is white in colour, it frequently turns yellow. This is most likely due to the animal’s food, which has an effect. Cheddar, on the other hand, is white with a faint yellow tint. At the same time, mozzarella has a soft texture, but cheddar has a firm feel. The texture of mozzarella, on the other hand, is semi-soft.

Top 18 Easy Substitutes for Mozzarella Cheese

Do you want a substitute for mozzarella cheese in lasagna, or do you want to substitute it for pizza toppings or for making eggplant parmesan? Then scroll ahead and find out the best of the substitutes for mozzarella cheese. There is a table given at the end that will help you pick the right alternative for mozzarella cheese in different recipes.

1. White Cheddar

In place of mozzarella, white cheddar works great. It has a robust flavour and it melts quickly. Because of its powerful flavour and creamy consistency, it is ideal for pizza, and you can still get the stretchy, gooey cheese that mozzarella provides, but with more flavour!

2. Provolone

Provolone is a cheese that tastes very similar to mozzarella and is arguably the greatest substitute for mozzarella for preparing pizza. While provolone has a stringy and elastic texture comparable to mozzarella when melted, it has a little stronger flavour.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Provolone

Provolone cheese, which hails from Italy, has a similar appearance, flavour, and texture to mozzarella. Provolone is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese prepared by stretching curds, making the cheese, and curing it for two to three months, similar to mozzarella. Provolone is widely used in sandwich making, snacking, cooking, and dessert preparation. Provolone and mozzarella can be used interchangeably.

3. Cheddar

Cheddar cheese is a popular topping on pizza. It has a pale colour and a semi-hard texture. The texture of young cheddar is firm, and it’s nutty and delicious. As cheddar ages, it becomes more crumbly. You can use both young and aged cheddar on pizza to achieve a nice flavour, but you won’t get the same stringy cheese impression because cheddar has a low elasticity when melted.

4. Edam

Edam is a mild, delicately flavored semi-hard cheese. As your pizza topping, it might give some nutty undertones. Edam is a semi-skimmed milk cheese that is firm and smooth. Its mild flavour and melting properties make it an excellent mozzarella alternative for pizza.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Edam

5. Gouda

Gouda is another favourite cheese for pizza toppings. It has a creamy, buttery flavour with some sweet undertones. It melts well and stays gooey and soft on the pizza once melted since it is creamy, semi-hard, and prepared from whole milk.

In lasagna, mild Gouda is fantastic. Mild gouda’s buttery sweetness complements the rest of the dish well. Gouda melts into a smooth, creamy smoothness that’s ideal for topping a fresh lasagna!

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Gouda

6. Young Asiago

Asiago is a hard cheese with a flavour that is both robust and sharp. Because the cheese is so hard, it’s easy to grate and you can use it as a topping, but you’ll need to choose a younger asiago because it will melt easily and it is softer than older ones. Like mozzarella, the younger ones melt well.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Young Asiago

7. Romano

Romano is a very strong-flavoured cheese, so only use it if you want a very strong flavour in your meals! Your pizza will have a distinct cheese flavour as well as a wonderful creaminess when you add Romano.

8. Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano is a popular cheese that may be used to provide depth of flavour to a number of meals. This cheese is essentially a Parmesan imitation. The original variety, despite its hardness, melts softly and becomes sweeter with age. The gritty texture and nutty undertones of this cheese are wonderful on pizza, and it melts well. Regular parmesan will melt better than true Parmigiano Reggiano when sprinkled over a baked pizza.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Parmigiano Reggiano

9. Havarti

Havarti is a semi-soft cheese that is created from cow’s milk. Havarti’s mildly sweet flavour, as well as its elastic texture, makes it a versatile cheese. To top the lasagna, grate or slice the Havarti, which will melt wonderfully.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Havarti

10. Feta Cheese

Feta has a strong flavour, but it is just as fresh and light as mozzarella, particularly if you need to replace whey-packed fresh mozzarella. If you don’t have any mozzarella, feta works well in a Caprese salad, and it crumbles and coats the entire salad if used in a standard salad.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Feta Cheese

11. Pepper Jack

Pepper jack cheese is a spicy cheese with a strong kick. The spiciness of pepper jack cheese complements the herbs and spices of chicken parmesan nicely. Pepper jack melts well, but due to its high oil content, it’s not a good choice for pizza because it gets greasy. In chicken or eggplant parmesan the high oil level helps to keep the chicken or eggplant wet and prevents it from drying out.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute -Pepper Jack

12.  Young Swiss Cheese

Young Swiss cheese has a very distinct flavour. It’s slightly sweet and nutty, and it pairs beautifully with the other flavors in chicken parmesan. Despite having a stronger flavour than mozzarella, Swiss cheese does not overshadow the flavor of the dish. It melts into a creamy texture and adds to the dish’s overall flavour.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Young Swiss Cheese

13. Ricotta

Ricotta isn’t known for melting nicely when used on pizza or as a topping for lasagna. When heated, it doesn’t melt, but it does become silky smooth and creamy, making it a great substitute for mozzarella in chicken parmesan. This creamy, saucy-like consistency counteracts the tomato in the dish while also keeping the chicken moist, resulting in a well-balanced dish.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Ricotta

14. Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg cheese is comparable to Swiss cheese, yet it has its own flavour profile. When melted, it has a buttery, sweet flavour and a creamy, thick texture. This looks great on top of the chicken and adds a subtle touch to the dish.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Jarlsberg

15. Bel Paese

Bel Paese was first created in Melzo, a tiny hamlet near Milan, in the early 1900s. It’s now created in both Wisconsin and Italy. It’s a pale yellow semi-soft cow-milk cheese with only a few very small holes. It has a gentle buttery flavour and a creamy fragrance. Bel Paese works well as a substitute for mozzarella in pizzas, calzones, and casseroles and is occasionally served as a dessert with ripe pears.

16. Queso Oaxaca

Queso Oaxaca is a semi-soft white cheese from Mexico manufactured from cow’s milk. It is made in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, and it is manufactured the same way as mozzarella: the curd is stretched and wrapped into a ball or loaf, or it’s rolled into string form. In look and melting properties, Queso Oaxaca is similar to mozzarella for pizza, burgers, and quesadillas. Shred the Oaxaca cheese in the same proportions and way as mozzarella. Alternatively, you can buy it in string form and eat it as a snack.

17. Caciocavallo

Caciocavallo is an Italian cheese which is also from the south. It’s a pale yellow semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a few little holes. It’s typically shaped like a bell or a gourd. Two gourds of cheese are traditionally linked together and hung to dry over a horizontal pole, a process that is still practised in some locations. Use it to make a mozzarella-like topping for pizzas or casseroles, slice caciocavallo cheese. Caciocavallo is used in place of mozzarella in sandwiches, salads, and other foods.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Caciocavallo

Low-Fat Substitutes for Mozzarella Cheese

If you don’t want to use the fat-rich alternatives for mozzarella cheese in the recipes, then you can always go for low-fat mozzarella cheese or other vegan options like:

18.  Tofu

Tofu is a low-fat replacement for mozzarella cheese. Whether you are making a salad, pizza or lasagna, adding cubed or shredded tofu to each will work perfectly fine. The added advantage of using tofu is that it also has a high protein content.

Mozzarella Cheese Substitute - Tofu

Table: Substitute for Mozarella cheese in Different Meal

Substitute For Mozzarella In Lasagna Substitute For Mozzarella In Pizza Substitute For Mozzarella In Caprese Salad Substitute For Mozzarella Cheese In Pasta Substitute For Mozzarella In Eggplant Parmesan
Mild Gouda White cheddar Young, mild gouda Cheddar Pepper jack
Havarti Provolone Feta Feta Young Swiss cheese
Edam Cheddar Provolone Gouda Ricotta
Cheddar Edam Young mild cheddar Parmigiano Reggiano Jarlsberg
Gouda Feta
Young Asiago
Parmigiano Reggiano

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Monterey Jack cheese substitute for mozzarella?
Yes, you can use Monterey Jack cheese as a substitute for mozzarella cheese, especially when you are making pizza and pasta recipes.
Can I use cheddar instead of mozzarella in lasagna?
Yes, usually, I use a mixture of shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese in my lasagna, but in the absence of mozzarella, just the cheddar cheese also gives a fine taste.
Is Amul cheese mozzarella?
Yes, Amul is a brand that offers packaged mozzarella cheese. The Amul cheese packet that mentions ‘mozzarella’ on the label is the right pick.

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