11 Best Substitutes for Cubanelle Peppers

The science of using chilli peppers in cooking is a bit mind-boggling! Trust me! I know the struggle of remembering their names, the hotness, the type and the uses. And finding their suitable substitutes is even harder. So right when I was in the middle of making a delicious Cuban entrée, I found Cubanelle peppers listed in the ingredients and I didn’t have any in my refrigerator. Back then, I fixed that by using Anaheim peppers instead.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes

But let me tell you, there is a whole bunch of chilli peppers that you can use to replace Cubanelle peppers. The spiciness of the Cubanelle Chili pepper is similar to that of the Italian Sweet Pepper, and it is usually mild to moderate. It is used in Cuban cooking, and while having a thinner flesh than bell peppers, It is a good option if you’re short on time.

So, Bell Pepper, Banana peppers, poblano peppers, Anaheim peppers, Thai peppers, Thai Prik Num, Passilla peppers, Pimento, and Italian Sweet Pepper etc., make a good substitute for cubanelle peppers. 

Let’s find out how you can substitute cubanelle peppers with their perfect substitutes? 


What to know about Cubanelle peppers?

Cubanelle is classified as a sweet pepper; its heat can range from mild to intense. By most accounts, it is not particularly hot pepper. These peppers are normally plucked before they ripen when they are light green or yellow-green in colour. When they are fully ripe, they turn bright red to orange-red in colour.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes

They have a banana-shaped pod that is 4-6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and tapered at the bottom. The cubanelle pepper can be recognized through its shiny skin, smooth and firm texture.

Cubanelles are usually sauteed with oil in a different cuisine; that is why they are also known as the Italian Frying Pepper. Since Cubanelle pepper is mild, its Scoville Heat Unit ranges from 0–1,000, which is lower than a regular jalapeño pepper. Jalapeno peppers are the hottest as they have an average heat level of 5,000 SHU. Compared to that Cubanelle pepper is 5 times less tangy and spicy than a typical jalapeno pepper. 


Uses of Cubanelle Peppers

Due to their huge pods, Cubanelle peppers are great for making stuffed peppers. You may stuff them with whatever you want and then bake or grill them to your heart’s desire. Cubanelle peppers are widely used in cooking and recipes throughout Central America, particularly in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.  Cubanelles are commonly used in:

  • Salads
  • Casseroles
  • Yellow mole sauce

They also taste delicious on subs or pizza, and you can stuff them up with whatever filling you want. You can use them in regular cooking as you would any other bell pepper.


Top 11 Easy Substitutes for Cubanelle Peppers

Don’t worry if you don’t have Cubanelle pepper pods in your refrigerator. It’s not like you cannot use any other chilli pepper instead. The target is to have the similar taste and heat as the cubanelle peppers have, so here are some great alternatives to replace cubanelle peppers in cooking:


1. Bell Peppers

As a cubanelle peppers alternative, bell peppers are the finest choice. Green bell peppers, in particular, are the bell pepper that looks and tastes the most like Cubanelle. Their flavour is as strong yet mildly sweet as that of bell peppers. Bell peppers, like cubanelle peppers, have thick walls and large cavities; they are certainly one of the best cubanelle alternatives in a stuffing recipe.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Bell Peppers

However, one disadvantage of bell peppers is that they are not particularly hot. If you want to make your food spicier, you can add a pinch of chilli powder or other spices during or after the cooking process.!


2. Anaheim Peppers

When compared to the Cubanelle, Anaheim has a higher Scoville heat rating that is 500 to 2,500 SHU. However, every other chilli in this list is somehow hotter than the cubanelle peppers because their heat ranges from 100 to 1,000 SHU.  Anaheim peppers have a little sweetness that is similar enough to that of a cubanelle, so you can replace it with Anaheim in most recipes. Anaheim chiles aren’t nearly as good as frying peppers because of their thick walls, but they are better for stuffing than frying.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Anaheim Peppers



3. Passilla Chilli Peppers

Passilla chilli peppers are native to Mexico and are often used as dry, whole chilies or processed into a powder. These chilis are likewise mild, with a flavour taste of raisins, which is how the Passilla got its name — Passilla, which literally means “raisin” in Spanish.

The flavour is drier and hot, and it feels like chocolate powder on your tongue. Because the flavour is so distinct, it may be difficult to replace the Cubanelle with an exact amount of Passilla. You can use the amount according to your taste preference.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Passilla Chilli Peppers


4. Poblano Chilli Pepper

The Poblano chilli pepper, which originated in Central Mexico, is widely available throughout the Americas. They resemble bell peppers but have a more pointed bottom. They’re frequently utilized in stuffed pepper recipes due to their large size. The dried variant is known as ancho peppers, which translates to “broad” in Spanish.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Poblano Chilli Pepper

Poblano peppers are often green, but they do mature to red, and when ripe and red, they are hotter and have more flavour than when green. Most chilies are the polar opposite of this. Although moderate, the level of spiciness varies from plant to plant, and even the same plant might bear peppers of varying intensity.


5. Banana Peppers

Yes, the taste of banana peppers is quite distinct. These peppers have a sweet taste, they aren’t the best substitute, but they do have a comparable heat profile ranging between 0 to 500 SHU like that of Cubanelle. These peppers are frequently used in sandwich and pizza toppings. The banana pepper is an option to try if your recipe might use a little more spice. Banana peppers have thicker walls than cubanelles; thus, they don’t fry as well.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Banana Peppers


6. Sweet Chili Pepper

The Italian Sweet Chili pepper is a sweet and mild chilli pepper that is plucked when it is red rather than green. It is an adaptable pepper that can be fried, sautéed, or roasted and stuffed. Also found pickled and served raw in salads. This is a delectable chilli pepper that must be tried and tasted.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Sweet Chili Pepper


7. Pimento Pepper

The pimento pepper is a red pepper that is similar to bell pepper and is quite delicious. This sweet, delightful, heart-shaped pepper is scarcely peppery and has a delectably mild and sweet flavour. It is a cherry pepper (Capsicum annum) kind that is slightly smaller than a bell pepper. It is frequently bottled. It is delicious to use for making snacks or a salad.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Pimento Pepper


8. Thai Prik Num Chilli

Thai Prik Num is a pale light green chilli pepper that is used in Thailand to consume raw, pickled, and in dishes when spiciness is not needed. They have a form similar to banana peppers and belong to the same family. These are frequently found on the table, pickled, soaked in vinegar and served as a mild condiment. The dark green or red prik num chilli is hotter than the light green ones.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Thai Prik Num Chilli

These are frequently sliced and integrated into Thai dishes to give colour and taste.  They are an excellent alternative to Cubanelle chilies for westerners who want to prepare lower spiced Thai dishes. They are thick finger-shaped and are commonly served sliced or as decoration in Thailand.


9. Jalapenos

Jalapenos can be used as a replacement for cubanelle peppers. Unlike Cubanelle peppers which resemble a regular bell pepper, Jalapenos have a chilli pepper appearance and are excellent for stuffing recipes. Cubanelle has a more earthy flavour than Jalapenos, which are lighter. Jalapenos are a good substitute for cubanelle peppers in salsas and salad toppings. Keep in mind that Jalapenos are hotter than other peppers. Remove the ribs and pits before using them as an ingredient in your cuisine to reduce the spiciness.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Jalapenos


10. Paprika

Paprika is another mild pepper that is normally obtained dried and crushed rather than being sold fresh. However, some types, such as Hot Hungarian Paprika, are quite hot. It has a distinct flavour and, when ground and dried, a slightly smoky flavour, making it a poor substitute for most other peppers due to the flavour. There are other smoked paprika goods with a more pronounced smokey flavour.

Paprika is commonly used in Spanish and Hungarian dishes, but it can also be used to lend a subtle colour to sauces and mayonnaise, such as eggs mayonnaise.

Cubanelle Peppers Substitutes - Paprika


Table: Substitute for Cubanelle Peppers

Peppers Scoville Unit Pod Shape Color
Anaheim 500-2500 Broad and long Shiny light green
Bell pepper 0-1500 Bell and large Shiny green
Poblano 1500 Long and large Medium Green
Banana 100-500 Tapered long Yellow
Passilla 1000-2500 Thin and long Dark green
Jalapenos 2500-8000 Tapered and broad Green
Pimentos 100-500 medium green
Sweet Chilli pepper 1500 Thin red
Thai Prik Num Chilli 50k-1 lac long Red
Paprika  250-1000 Thin and long Red


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of peppers are in canned green chilies?
Usually, chopped Anaheim peppers are used in canned green chilies because they carry moderate heat and kick.
What are long green peppers called?
Passilla is long and taper ended chilies which are also known as long green peppers. Indian green chilies are also called long green peppers.
Where can I buy Cubanelle peppers?
Cubanelle peppers are available at Walmart, Amazon and fresh direct. You can buy them from all the major supermarkets and stores.
What is the spiciest pepper in the world?
Carline Reaper is the hottest and spiciest pepper in the world. Its heat ranges between 71000-2200000 SHU.

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